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Austin & Andrea

Austin and Andrea, Happy Home Builders

We had a fantastic experience building with Rykon. They came highly recommended by previous clients who have built multiple homes with them, and have an outstanding reputation in the Kelowna community. Rykon’s whole business practice is based on trust which was something new to us (as often friends and family warn you to be on the offensive when doing any kind of construction). We quickly learned that establishing that relationship was essential to the success of our home. It gave us a peace of mind to know that our investment was in such good hands and that Rykon was handling the stress of it on our behalf.

Something unique about Rykon as a builder, is that every client is provided with their own Project Manager (separate from the Site Superintendent) who helps clients to navigate through every aspect of the build. We were fortunate to have Billie, who demonstrated tremendous attention to detail. Initially we thought that we would need to hire a designer because of how daunting a task it can be to pick every finish, but Billie was so knowledgeable and got to know our style so well that one wasn’t needed. She was extremely organized and helped us to stay on schedule by having us choose trades well ahead of time, and if quotes were comparable, provided an understanding of why one trade might be a better choice over another based on her past experience with them. I should note here how well respected Billie and the Rykon team are by their trades. Billie (who happens to have a finance background) also helped us stick to budget and even find areas where we could save money without compromising on quality or our overall vision. She consistently demonstrated transparency by breaking down every aspect of the cost of the build and helped us to understand if any costs were added, and why. She advocated on our behalf with trades (if necessary) and we always felt like she had our best interests at heart. Billie became like family to us and we truly felt as though we got the same care and attention as if we were her own kids building a home. Having a Project Manager made our experience seamless from start to finish and it was wonderful having someone hold our hand along the way, especially during our first build.

We also met frequently with our Site Superintendent, Jason, to go over the details of the build. Jason was kind and patient with us (as we had no prior experience and a long list of questions each week). He always took the time to answer our questions, and similar to Billie, was able to draw on past experience to guide us in the right direction based on our individual needs and interests. Jason is also well respected by the trades, which went a long way when we had questions or needed to make changes on a moment’s notice. Jason has an incredible amount of knowledge and integrity, and was the perfect person to guide the build of our dream home. He too, feels like family, and he has done a fantastic job of ensuring that any details after move-in have been taken care of in a timely fashion.

We would wholeheartedly use Rykon to build again and cannot recommend them highly enough. It is money well spent on an investment that will last a lifetime.

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