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Josh & Crystal

Josh and Crystal Van Ee Testimonial Custom Home

When we decided that we knew we could build, versus buying an older home and having to renovate it. We decided to meet with Rykon, because my sister had previously built, so we met with Kolby at Rykon and we loved just meeting with him, and felt like we were dealing with family. So we met with him and figured out a budget and realized that it was actually in our price range and so we went on with that. They allowed us to see that it was possible.

This was our first time building and Rykon helped us out a ton with that because they made the whole process really smooth. We were kind of concerned that it might put stress on our marriage and go over budget, but it was never an issue for us. Rykon helped us out through all of that, and we found out that we stayed on budget no problem. They really made it easy for us, picking out different options and making sure that we weren’t spending more than we shouldn’t in certain areas.

My favourite part about building our house was, going and looking at older houses and then getting to look at brand new appliances, brand new tile, brand new everything. Getting to choose stuff that I want versus going to an older house saying, “I want that white, I want that like this…”. Getting to have my dream house, there’s everything in here that we actually love. Getting to see the finished project of everything and just getting to go shopping and having fun that way. Of course that’s a girl’s dream, getting to do all that shopping, so I think that was probably the best part.

We definitely find that were already recommending Rykon and were going to continue to recommend Rykon because being a younger couple, our friends and colleagues are seeing us build a brand new house, and they want to be in on that too. We’re finding that people are seeing that, it is possible, and they can have that too. We have already been sending people to Rykon to try and get a little bit of what we have here too!

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