Jeff & Tanis

“More house for the money than we expected.”
Jeff Michaud

When Jeff and Tanis decided to build their first home on premium lakefront property close to Kelowna’s downtown they wanted to ensure that they hired an established builder. Commuting from his office in Alberta, Jeff knew he wouldn’t be available for day-to-day onsite construction challenges.

“We chose Rykon because of their established nature. The fact that they are a team brings better value; as you know you are getting qualified trades people. One of our biggest concerns was hiring trades that appear one minute than having them disappear to go tanning the next.  With a reputable builder you know that the trades won’t burn their bridges with their own team and you know you’re getting quality instead of shopping around for the least expensive.”

The team approach was instrumental for Tanis also. “I was so nervous at the beginning,” she recalls. “I had no idea about the process of construction. But having the team meeting with everyone at the office and being able to review the budget and cross-reference it to the quote made everything so transparent. Plus, working with Billie, our project manager every step of the way made it so easy.”

“We are really grateful for this house,” says Jeff. “This is our first custom built home and it’s nice to make it ours.” The couple assumed complementary roles during the process that taught them a few things about themselves and each other.

“I learned that I would definitely do this again,” Tanis says. “Because I feel much more comfortable and confident with the steps and challenges of construction.”

Jeff learned the value of patience. “I would counsel people building for the first time not to rush it. Enjoy the process and don’t get stressed out,” he advises.

Tanis agrees. “We are so happy to be here. The house was done before schedule which exceeded our expectations. The people were so great to work with — Billie, James and Roy. The relaxed environment was also a pleasant surprise.”

“And the finished product is beyond what we expected too,” adds Jeff. “We would definitely build another home with Rykon.”

“Just not right away,” Tanis laughs. “We want to enjoy this one for a few years.”

Rykon Testimonial - Jeff & Tanis Michaud

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