Construction Process

We have created a unique design and construction program that maps out each phase of your new home construction. This chart allows you to oversee each phase of construction from the earliest design stages to the final destination–your move-in date. This is one more reason Rykon is considered one of the finest custom home builders in the Okanagan today.

Our Project Managers are the lead navigators who will work collaboratively at the onset to provide a preliminary cost estimate based on your custom plans and considerations. Upon your acceptance, your journey to your new home will continue with their professional guidance.

Each checkpoint on the map offers a phased series of implementations and considerations. It helps walk you through the planning and construction of your new home in advance. Progress is phased in such a way that it enables our collaborative team to keep your home construction proceeding at a pace necessary to meet the deadline for the scheduled move-in date.

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journey and destination

Every journey reaches a destination with its own unique experiences. After 30 years in the construction business, we have witnessed substantial growth in our industry – new technologies, sustainable environmental practices, the importance of trade apprentices and competition of a dynamic real estate market.

Our ability to adapt and pro-actively respond to the demands of an ever-changing urban landscape is a key element to our success. It inspires confidence in both our team members and our valued clients to trust that our legacy will continue to create distinctive homes in the Okanagan for future generations of homeowners.

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