Testimony By Greg & Robyn

Rykon offers consistency whether it’s a $1Million home or $400,000; you get the same professional attention....
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Rykon Testimonial - Greg & Robyn McGill

2nd Custom Built Home — Wilden (Skylands) Kelowna, BC

“Rykon offers consistency whether it’s a $1Million home or $400,000; you get the same professional attention.”
Robyn McGill

Walking through the front door of the McGill’s beautifully designed and decorated home it’s quickly evident that a substantial amount of consideration was invested in every detail. The sweeping valley vistas from the oversize windows of the Great Room as you step from the front foyer are breathtaking. Robyn has experience at building custom homes and she’s very particular with what she wants.

“I like to know what to expect,” explains Robyn. “Rykon is very good at organizing the construction process.” She is referring to the ‘Home Steps Program’ where each phase of construction is documented in a client binder including contact information for important team members.

Since Greg travels frequently for work, Robyn took the lead in the construction process. “This is our second home with Rykon,” Greg admits. “We had such a good experience the first time and the team hasn’t changed much in the past four years, so it wasn’t really a big decision to build with them again.” Robyn likes their collaborative environment without attitude. “There was never any hesitation if I brought something I discovered at a home show or wanted a fixture from another supplier — it was never a problem.”

The couple waited four years for the lot to become available and once they knew they could build Robyn got busy finalizing house plans. “One of the surprises we’ve experienced since we moved in is how much we love living here,” says Greg.

“The proximity to nature is wonderful,” adds Robyn. “There are lots of trails to walk our dogs. And of course, the view is outstanding.”

Greg points out that Robyn had an additional window installed in the Great Room during the construction phase to capture even more of the vista. “This is where it’s great to be connected with the team,” he explains. “My advice to first time home builders is to do it right the first time. Expect delays and don’t panic. Don’t stress and don’t compromise. You’re going to live with the results of your decision for a long time.”

With her attention to every detail, Robyn readily admits she’s tough to satisfy yet she would definitely build with Rykon again. “The people, the quality, and the experience are what impresses me and keeps me coming back.”

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