Borys & Pat

How did you first hear about Rykon Construction?

From Paula at the Kettle Valley Discovery Centre.  One of the neighbors in Black Mountain had built with Rykon and was very pleased with the build. Rykon was one of the builders for The Pointe, and had plans that we found interesting , with pricing close to our budget.

Why did you decide to build with Rykon?

Rykon has offered a detailed breakdown of construction costs.  There process included contract bidding and we would be involved in selecting many of the subcontractors.

What impressed you most about your experience working the Rykon team?

How dedicated everyone was to ensuring the quality of materials and construction of our home.  At was as if they were building their own home.

  • What do you want to say to the team?
    • Thank you, for building our dream home
    • What did it mean to you?
      • Our home turned out to be everything we had hoped for

Have you built a home before?

Yes, once with a builder (Winnipeg) and one with myself (Borys) as the general contractor

  • What was different at Rykon?
    • Building a home is stressful.  Rykon helped to significantly reduce our stress level.  In fact, building our house was a very enjoyable experience.  There were on some minor issues but all were resolved to our satisfaction

What Challenges did you face and how were they dealt with?  (ex: having to chose a different material, timelines, budgets)

The only significant issues that came up were with regards to accessibility –the (master) ensuite shower and gaining access to the home .  The shower floor was lowered and ramps were incorporated in the lower patio entrance and the front door.   The only other issue was a delay of several weeks for porcelain tiles.  We were prepared to select alternate tiles but  Rykon adjusted their trades and the end result was that we got the tiles we wanted (we think they look fabulous)  and there was no delay in our possession date.

How do you find the quality of your home?

First rate

What do you enjoy most about your new home?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no single thing we enjoy that most – it the whole package that makes our home wonderful

How was working with our preferred trades?

It became very evident in short order why Rykon has chosen the companies that they did for their preferred trades –  were all professional ,  skilled at what they did, accommodating,  were competitive and provide very good value

  • Do you feel Rykon maintains a good relationship with their trades?
    • Yes

Why would you recommend someone to build rather than buy a resale property?

Absolutely, without hesitation

How did you feel about the communication level with your project manager?

Very good

  • Did you feel informed throughout your build?
    • Yes.  And when we had questions, they were answered promptly.

In a short paragraph or two can you summarize your experience (based off answers above is fine) with Rykon, highlighting one or two examples that made all the difference for you.  Keep in mind that chunks of this copy will be spotlighted on our homepage for potential clients to read.

The thing that impressed us the most about Rykon was the dedication of their staff – to name just a few:

  • Kim showing us so many houses until we found just the right plan
  • Billie persistently looking for the best deals we could possibly get, without compromising quality or value
  • James arriving early at our home site without fail, noticing every little detail, and keeping the trades to a tight deadline. NOT:  One of the neighbours stated just yesterday that Rykon constructed our house in the shortest time frame of any house in The Pointe.
Rykon Testimonial - Borys & Pat German

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