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Rise Above

Located in Kelowna’s affluent Mission neighbourhood, Kestrel Ridge offers sweeping views of Kelowna’s cityscape and expansive water tableaus of Okanagan Lake. These 57 paired contemporary homes create a bold architectural silhouette within a natural landscape. Rykon has intuitively designed this development to maintain the integrity of the spectacular views for the enjoyment of every resident. With sophisticated sensibility, homes are strategically placed on only one side of the street to protect your privacy, your views, and your outdoor living space. Interior designs are tailored to the unique needs of every homeowner – more light, more space, more privacy. Kestrel Ridge successfully balances the challenges of building along this beautiful escarpment and the serenity of living within it.

Live your true life story. Every Day.

As one of only five preferred builders in this expansive resort-style development, Rykon welcomes the opportunity to stretch its’ creative talents to build custom designed homes that are complementary to the landscape and natural features. This unique development that reaches from the shores of Okanagan Lake with an exclusive beach and private marina offers an eclectic selection of lots that require knowledgeable builders to assist potential purchasers in utilizing optimum advantages that each site offers. Unobstructed sight lines, sun exposure, variable viewpoints, and creating extended open air living spaces are just a few of the key elements to consider in the planning stages. With decades of experience in creating quality custom-designed homes, Rykon appreciates the extraordinary setting that this unique development offers. From seasonally inspired homes to couture designed show-stopper residences, McKinley Beach offers a myriad of options for perspective homeowners.

Live, Golf, Stay

One of the Okanagan’s premier golf resorts, Predator Ridge has continually grown in prestige and population since its inception. Now neighbouring the world renowned Sparkling Hill Resort, Predator Ridge’s convenient access to Kelowna’s International Airport and exceptional menu of amenities have elevated its status to the perfect location for a seasonal getaway or a full-time residence.

Historically known for cattle grazing, the rolling hills of this expansive setting originally leaned towards highlighting a western themed architectural style. With ongoing expansion and new neighbourhoods being introduced along the verdant fairways of the championship courses, construction has transitioned into more contemporary designs.

A spectacular setting in a rural landscape, Predator Ridge provides homeowners with easy proximity to hiking and horseback trails, wildlife viewing, and an abundance of bird-watching.

As one of the preferred builders, Rykon is invested in creating quality custom-designed homes to meet the needs of every homeowner while respecting the natural environment that surrounds each neighbourhood.

Predator Ridge Communities



Since 2003

Set in the hilltops above the urban landscape of the city of Kelowna, Rykon has been engaged as one of only two preferred builders since the inception of Wilden in 2003. As a harbinger of environmental responsibility in 2003, Wilden was one of the first development to commit to protecting its’ sensitive ecology. Wilden, and its’ selected builders redefined the hillside home construction in BC’s Okanagan Valley.

Surrounded by walking trails and forested areas, Wilden continues to be one of the most popular developments for new home construction in the municipality. The connectivity between home and nature continues to gain recognition within the demands of a successful day-to-day existence.

The introduction of Japanese forest bathing, a centuries old tradition of embracing the organic effect of spending time in a thriving greenscape has not gone unnoticed to well-traveled and well-educated homeowners. A tree is not just a tree. A simple mindful daily walk in the woods has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress levels.

With decades of experience building within this thoughtfully planned and environmentally sensitive community, Rykon has accumulated a vast array of floor plans, to offer perspective homeowners. Wilden is more than an investment in a neighbourhood, it is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle – in your custom-designed home and the natural setting that you deserve.